About Us

Rowan Remodel L.L.C all started when our daughter was born. My husband, Eli Halverson, had previously been working as a Carpenter for seven years at a Restoration Construction company. During his time there he worked hard to hone his skills and knowledge of Carpentry and everything else that comes with Residential Construction. While Eli worked I spent my time at Brigham Young University in Utah earning a Bachelors degree in Communication Disorders. In addition to the two of us we have one employee named Erik who is a very talented Apprentice.

Once Rowan was born, our first child and the company's namesake, Eli realized he could be doing more with everything he'd learned and we decided to open our own company. It was a little daunting but I knew that Eli was a very skilled Carpenter and had always cared about the clients he worked with so I was confident in our company. Both mine and my husband's family are from Snohomish County so we have a deep love and appreciation for the area and community. Which is why we want to help those in the community and surrounding areas with whatever they need for their homes.

We chose the name Rowan Remodel not only because of our daughter, but also because of what the Rowan Tree represents. In Scotland its common for people to plant one near their house because of the protection against misfortune they offer in Celtic Mythology. That is what we hope for our company to represent. Unlike other remodeling companies, because of our experience in Restoration we are able to keep the long term in mind as we skillfully build and fortify your home against the elements and other misfortunes that can happen. And if those misfortunes do happen, we will be right there to help.