Every home has growth potential. We can work with you to find opportunities and add those much needed spaces to your home. Whether you are adding a new bedroom or a backyard cottage we will ensure that the new space is thoughtfully-designed, well-engineered, and seamlessly integrated into the existing structure.

Does your family need more space?

What is a Mother-In-Law Suite and why you should build one

The mother-in-law suite definition is “an additional living space within your property or home designed for use by your in-laws”. Put another way, it’s an additional, fully functional living space added onto a single family home. Many homeowners are now turning to mother-in-law suites as the perfect solution for those who want a bit of extra space to support their parents during difficult times.

These are also great options for older or adult children who cannot afford their own place but want independence. They will have a fully functioning home while they save up money for their own apartment or home.

Types of Mother-in-Law Suites

1. Detached-

2. Attached-

3. Interior-

4. Garage Conversion-

These are freestanding homes with their own plumbing lines and utility hookups, often with their own entrance. Another person could live a completely independent life, almost as if they were living in a separate house.

An attached unit is a bit closer to the family, in that the unit shares a wall with the primary residence. It still has its own foundations and utility hookups, and there is no internal entrance from the main house into the unit.

Interior units are the most integrated into the original home. These are often basement or attic apartments–fully functional living spaces that a casual observer would not notice from the street. Nonetheless, this is not a guest room. It is a complete apartment in every sense of the word, with everything the resident would need to function independently

A garage conversion can be any of the previous three types, but as before, it must be a fully functional living space.